Alfa Omega Enterprises

About Us



Alfa-Omega Enterprises is unique born global company founded in 1999 with its head office in the capital of India – New Delhi.

The manufacturing unit of Alfa-Omega is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with state of the art facilities.

We have successfully implemented and are currently running several industrial projects in Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and the Middle East.



Use our global network to offer best tailored solutions and services to our customers.



To deliver superior value to our customers, employees and the society.



Our values are based on these seven pillars of success:

Power Our team power
Product Excellent quality products
Price Best price
Packaging Efficient and durable packaging with branding
Placement Global presence, here there and everywhere
Punctuality Prompt delivery within timelines
Promise We keep our promises and are 100% accountable
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